September 22, 2017

It was a busy week in first grade! Students practiced how to write ways to make 6, 7, 8 and 9. Ms. Gudaitis, our math specialist came to class on Thursday and did a lesson on partners of 10. First graders also started a unit on narrative writing. They listened to a story called “Night of the Veggie Monster” and practiced seeing the details or “small moments.” Students ended their unit on dolphins by finding and writing interesting facts. The first graders learned how to be holy (like God) and painted pictures of what Heaven looks like.

During the first week of October all first graders will take the MAP test. Please be sure your child has headphones for testing next Wednesday and Friday. A parent letter will be sent home next week with more information. And THANK YOU for all of your pledges and participation in the Jog-A-Thon this year. It was also wonderful to see so many of your at the BBQ. Nice work Eagles!

 Special Volunteer Request

Dear Parents,

The playground needs your help.  To adequately monitor your children at play and foster their safety I am looking for several volunteers who can commit to lunch recess duty for the school year.  Recess runs from 11:00-12:15.  Your younger children are welcome to accompany you provided they will not distract your attention to the school children.   Please go to our Signup Genius site to register.

If you have questions you can contact me at floribunda51@  Thank you.


Catherine Dahlgren,

Our Lady of Perpetual Asphalt

 Save the Date

Thank you to the following people for volunteering to drive/chaperone: Dacquisto, Doyle, Kane-Yi, and McCarthy. If I have missed anyone or you are interested in joining us on November 17th for our field trip to the Seattle Art Museum, please let me know.

 Spelling Note

Spelling tests will be on Fridays. Spelling homework will now be sent home every Friday with the weekly homework packet. Please do not glue down the list so that you can continue to sort/practice them daily. Thank you for practicing at home!


Questions to Ask

– What is your dolphin fact you wrote this week?

– Can you show me a way to make 10?

-What is an “addend”?

– Who does God want us to love?


Special Notes

-Star Dolphin is Evelyn for the week of September 25.

Please bring your child’s emergency bag to school as soon as you can!

-Remember to sign your child’s homework so I know you looked over it before he/she turns it in.

-Volunteers in the classroom will start the second week of October after MAP testing. I will send the Sign Up Genius link for volunteering next week.

-We have an all school mass with our buddies on Wednesday, October 4th at 9:00. You are welcome to join us.


I Can…

– print my uppercase and lowercase letters. L.1.1

– use context clues to help me understand a new word or words. L.1.4

– follow rules for discussions and talk with others. SL.1.1

– write to tell a story. W.1.3

– help my class write. W.1.7

– retell a story. RL.1.2

– use words and pictures to help me tell about the characters, setting, and plot. RL.1.7

– read and understand first grade fiction. RL.1.10

– use strategies to solve addition word problems. 1.OA.1

– use the commutative property of addition. 1.OA.3

– count to help me add and subtract. 1.OA.5

– add facts within 20. 1.OA.5

– know what an equal sign means. 1.OA.7

– tell how many tens and how many ones are in a number. 1.NBT.2

– use manipulatives and pictures to help me solve problems within 100. 1.NBT.4

– find 10 more or 10 less in my head. 1.NBT.5



– We are Christ-centered people.

– We are active learners.

– We are empowered disciples.