Sometimes children believe that reading is something that you should know how to do one day and not skills learned with years of practice!  Help your child become a reader by reading to, and listening to, your child.  You as a reader: Model fluent reading as well as reading like a beginning reader.  Think out loud so your child can hear your thoughts.

Decoding poster -




 Too Hard

  • I can’t read most of the words.
  • I have to reread a lot.
  • I read the story too slowly.
  • I can’t retell what I read.

Too Easy

  • There are no tricky words.
  • I read without having to think about it.
  • I read the story too fast.

Good Fit

  • I can read almost all of the words.
  • I think about the story as I read it.
  • I read the story at my own pace.
  • I can retell the story in my own words.