October 12, 2018

First Grade Dolphin News

Congratulations Eagles! We exceeded our Jog-a-thon goal. Thank you for all of your hard work and support for St. John School. The first graders were amazing at mass Wednesday. They sang, responded, and greeted the school with a tambourine procession. Also, this week students took their first math test on addition to 10 (see folders for tests results) and began a new unit on addition strategies to 20 (counting on using counters and number lines).  In Science, the first graders became engineers who solved a problem of building a house with popsicle sticks.

Prayerful Students

You may start noticing crosses made by your children on top of papers or worksheets.  One way we can pray for our classmates, families, and communities is to take our assignments and turn them into prayers.  For example, a student can write a cross on top of their spelling test with a name of a classmate who is sick and needs our prayers.  It encourages us to do our best because now our worksheets are prayers!

Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLE)

The first graders learned why we learn different things.  We want them to be active learners, Christ centered people and empowered disciples.  When I teach a lesson, the first graders have SLE bookmarks on their desks that show which one they are working on for the lesson.

Conference Notes

Thank you to those who have already signed up.  These are parent, student, teacher conferences. Your child is requested to attend. Each conference is 15 minutes with a 5-minute passing period between. Parents and child will meet with Mrs. Jessup to discuss the Thinking About Me form and an SLE (Schoolwide Learning Expectation) assessment teachers completed. Students will set a goal for the year and then listen to a story on the iPad while parents continue the conference.

Reading Bags

Your child will be bringing home their “book bag” this week.  Instructions will be included inside.  Please don’t read ahead.  I use the stories to teach different strategies. If students read ahead, it’s hard to practice reading unknown words or retelling the story if they already read it with you.  Please return the bags every Monday even if you didn’t have a chance to read over the weekend because we use them in reading groups.  Thank you!

Unity Day

We are celebrating Unity Day on Wed. Oct. 24, a day that promotes acceptance, kindness and inclusion Orange is the color of Unity, so please help your children find something orange at home to wear on Oct. 24 (free dress if you wear something orange!).  Our 8th graders will be fanning into the younger classrooms, teaching lessons on friendship, acceptance, kindness and inclusion.


Questions to Ask

– How was Mass?

– What number do you add on from in an addition sentence?

– What does an engineer do?

Special Notes

-Star Dolphin for the week of October 15 is Archie

-Free Dress for Reaching our Jog-a-thon Goal on Friday, October 19

-Individual Pictures on Tuesday, October 23rd

-Conferences October 29th and November 5th

I Can…

– spell first grade words. L.1.2

– use context clues to help me understand a new word or words. L.1.4

– sort words into categories and tell why they belong there. L.1.5

– follow rules for discussions and talk with others. SL.1.1

– speak and write in complete sentences. SL.1.6

– write to tell a story. W.1.3

– help my class write. W.1.7

– tell who, what, when, where, why and how after reading. RL.1.1

– tell the characters, setting, and what happens in a story. RL.1.3

– use words and pictures to help me tell about the characters, setting, and plot. RL.1.7

– read and understand first grade fiction. RL.1.10

– tell the number of syllables in words. RF.1.2

– use digraphs and vowel pairs to help me read. RF.1.3

– use strategies to solve addition word problems. 1.OA.1

– use the commutative property of addition. 1.OA.3

– count to help me add and subtract. 1.OA.5

– add facts within 20. 1.OA.5

– know what an equal sign means. 1.OA.7

– tell how many tens and how many ones are in a number. 1.NBT.2

– use manipulatives and pictures to help me solve problems within 100. 1.NBT.4

– find 10 more or 10 less in my head. 1.NBT.5


– We are Christ-centered people.

– We are active learners.

– We are empowered disciples.