November 20, 2018

First Grade Dolphin News

Saints-in-training!  This week students trained to be like saints through their actions. We played “Virtues of the Saints” to remind us how to be saint-like in our everyday lives.

Pray for the living and the dead like St. Cyprian– Each student wrote names of family and friends and prayed for them.

Clothe the naked like St. Vincent dePaul– Each student made paper clothes for his/her person.

Feed the Hungry like St. Elizabeth of Hungary– Each student decorated two paper muffins.

Build the church like St. Francis-Each student used blocks to build a church.

Teach the faith like St. Patrick- Each student made shamrocks and wrote the persons of the Trinity.

Give to the poor like St. Nicholas – Each student made money and their own chimneys.


I am thankful for each of you and wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Special Advent Note

Beginning Monday, December 3rd the entire school will gather for Advent morning prayer every Monday in the church at 8:20. First graders will head straight to the church at 8:15. Please do your best to be on time. If you are late, please come directly to the church. We will be sitting in the front on the right hand side facing the altar if you need to meet us there.


Also, please take note of the volunteer times during December. Sight words will begin at 8:30 to allow for primary advent prayer Tuesday – Friday in the second grade classrooms.



Special Notes

-Homework and new spelling words will come Monday, November 26th.

-Star Dolphin for the week of November 26 is Ciara.