May 3, 2019

First Grade Dolphin News

May is here! We are officially 32 school days away from second grade! Second grade is a big jump for some students. Students are expected to be independent, self-directed, make good choices, and display proper classroom behavior. Take time to check in with your child and assess their readiness and feelings about this big accomplishment.

This week students participated in the crowning of Mary. First graders brought flowers for Mary and beautifully helped lead one decade of the rosary at church. Students also began their study of the grasslands habitat and learned how to tell time on the analog clock to the hour and half hour.

Along with the habitat unit, students are learning the conventions or features of nonfiction books.  Mrs. Longton had the first graders check out nonfiction books as their second book for the week. See below for the list of conventions they have learned the past few weeks.  Can they find them in their nonfiction books?

Labels – help the reader identify a picture of photograph and/or its parts

Photographs – help the reader understand exactly what something looks like

Comparisons – help the reader understand the size of one thing by comparing it to the size of something familiar

Maps – help the reader understand where things are in the world

Close-ups – help the reader see details in something small

Index – an alphabetical list of almost everything covered in the text, with page numbers

Glossary – helps the reader define words contained in the text

Student Photo Essay Contest (optional): In your child’s folder today you will find an information sheet about the school wide photo contest.  All students are invited to participate, but it is not required.  Student submissions are due no later than Friday, May 24th. This contest will coincide with Mrs. Kay’s art show the following week!

Summer Conference:

Keep and eye out in the next week for a summer conference sign up.  These are optional conferences that are meant to discuss concerns, progress, and preparation for second grade over the summer. 

Questions to Ask:

-What prayers do we say in the rosary?

-What time is it?  Change your time to analog time on your phone and test your child!

-What are 2 different names for a grassland habitat?



Special Notes:

Star Dolphins for the week of May 6: Adaia (Monday), Kate (Tuesday), Peter (Wednesday), Aidan (Thursday), and Alex (Friday)

-MAP testing during the mornings of 5/14 and 5/16

-Memorial Day: No School Monday, May 27th



I Can…

-read first grade words. RF1.3

-use what I know about phonics to spell new words. L.1.2

-spell first grade words. L.1.2

-sort words into categories. L.1.5

-read and understand first grade fiction. RL.1.10

-read and understand first grade non-fiction. RI.1.10

-tell about the main ideas and details after I listen or read. SL.1.2

-follow rules for discussions, talk with others, and ask questions during discussions. SL.1.1

-speak and write in complete sentences. SL.1.6

-tell about shapes and build and draw shapes. 1.G.1

-make two and three-dimensional shapes. 1.G.2

-use shapes to make new shapes. 1.G.2