March 23, 2020 Day #122 Distance Learning

March 23, 2020 Day #122

Remember these times are a suggestion, not a requirement.

 8:30-9:00 Morning Message (Video)

ENN Message from St. John School :


Materials Needed:  Ocean Log, Lent Path, pencil box

Here is Maggie’s sharing from Friday’s Zoom Meeting


Here is Owen sharing his favorite stuffy

9:00-9:30 Daily 5

Materials Needed:  Good fit books, “I wonder” from Reading packet (Orange packet)

Today you can choose the book you want to read.  Remember to point to the words as you read.  At the end of the page, check for understanding (who is in the story and what is happening).  Good readers ask questions before, during, and after they read.  Write/Draw your questions as you read the story using the “I Wonder” sheet.  You can do this for your assigned book or good fit book of your choice.


*Mrs. McCarthy’s group please do the assigned activities in your reading bag folder.

Reading group assignments (see Reading Bag for materials needed)

Student Numbers 4, 15, 20, 22, 26:  Read A Quiz for Brent.

Student Numbers 3, 23, 1, 21: Read A Quiz for Brent.

Student Numbers 6, 19, 25, 12, 10:  Reread Blast Off. Read What Brad Found.

Student Numbers 18, 13, 14, 7, 8, 16:  Read Chapter 6.  Look for 3 interesting words. Retell the chapter (beginning-middle-end).  Any new suspects?

Student Numbers 5, 27, 24, 2, 9, 17:  Read Chapter 6. Look for 3 interesting words. Retell the chapter to your parents (beginning-middle-end)


Break:  Go outside, exercise, or dance!


10:00-10:30 Spelling

Materials needed:  Spelling words from email, scissors, pencil

Cut out your spelling words.  If you cannot print out the spelling list then use index cards to write the words yourself.


Mrs. Jessup’s Group Spelling Plan

Please watch this:  Spelling Group Teaching Video


Mrs. Costa’s and Mrs. Pinsoneault’s group

Please watch this: Spelling Group Teaching Video


Miss Brito’s group

Please watch this: Miss Brito’s Spelling Lesson


10:30-11:00 Religion

Materials needed:  Rosary if you have it

During Lent it is important to pray to God and find peace in our hearts when everything around us seems scary or confusing.  The rosary is a perfect prayer to think about the joy of God. You are welcome to learn about the rosary by watching Brother Francis on (free to sign up).  Find his episode called “The Rosary”.  Then see video below.  If you don’t have a rosary you can use your 10 fingers. 🙂  I will be leading the first joyful mystery (one decade).

The First Joyful Mystery: The Annunciation

The word annunciation sounds like the word “announcement.” This story is going to be about a very joyful or happy announcement.

There once was a girl named Mary. She lived with her parents in a town called Nazareth. She loved God very much, and always did what her parents asked. One day, while Mary was doing some of her work, a bright light shown down upon her! Suddenly an angel appeared! Mary was afraid at first, but the angel said, “Mary, do not be afraid! I am the angel Gabriel, and God has send me to you to give you great news! You have been picked to be the mother of God’s Son. His name will be Jesus.” Mary was confused and asked the angel, “How can this be? I do not understand.” Gabriel told Mary, “God the Holy Spirit will come upon you. It is God’s will, but it is your choice to say yes or no.” Mary said, “Yes! If it is God’s will then I will do it.” When she said this, the Holy Spirit came upon Mary and Jesus was placed inside of her.

Optional activity:

Prayer time:  Find a quiet place, turn off lights, and play the song “Hail Mary, Gentle Woman”


11:00-12:00 Lunch and Break

 12:00-12:30 Quiet Time

You can rest, draw a picture, write in a journal, do a puzzle, or read quietly

12:30-1:00 Math

Materials Needed: cereal buttons, or beads, 10 cups, bowl/plate

See videos below

Math Regrouping Lesson Part 1

Math Regrouping Lesson Part 2

1:00-1:30 Science

Watch the video to introduce Polar Habitats- Antarctica


1:30 Snack, Storytime, and Break

It’s Humphrey Time!

1:30-2:30 PE and Music

PE-Scroll down to the Primary videos