March 20, 2020 Day #121 Distance Learning

March 20, 2020 (Day #121)

Remember these times are a suggestion, not a requirement. The goal is 1-2 hours of work.

 8:30-9:00 Morning Message (Video)

Materials Needed:  Ocean Log, Lent Path, pencil box

Friday:  5 minutes of silence to remember that Jesus loves us so much, he died on the cross for us.

9:00-9:30 Daily 5 Read to Someone

This is a fun chance to “Face time” a classmate or family member and read together.  You can choose from the following ways to read to someone:

1-Check for understanding.  You share one book and take turns reading it.  One reads a page or two and when he is finished the other person “checks for understanding”.  This means you retell what happened in the story (who, what, where).  Then the other person reads a page or two…

2. Fluency Practice: If you have older brothers or sisters, this might be the choice for you.  One reads a page out loud showing good fluency (taking breaks for periods, commas, using voice).  The other then reads the same page.

3. Read 2 different Books: This is perfect if you are face timing a friend or family member. You both get out good fit books and take turns reading a page or two of your own book.

No reading assignments today!


Dance Break


Break:  Go outside, exercise, or dance!


10:00-10:30 Mrs. Jessup’s Zoom Meeting

Check email for link if you want to join!


10:30-11:00 Spelling Test

Materials needed: Notebook, pencil (parent will need spelling list)

You will need to head your paper like we do at school (name, date, number 1-10)

Parent says word, uses it in a sentence, says word again.

When finished, parent corrects it.  The score will be recorded on the Weekly Check in form I provided on my website.  Under comments, write the score out of 10.


Mrs. Costa and Mrs. Pinsoneault’s Group

Sort 8

  1. bus
  2. cut
  3. just
  4. hunt
  5. shut
  6. cube
  7. huge
  8. cute
  9. bump
  10. rule


Mrs. Jessup’s Group

Sort 22


  1. mice
  2. nice
  3. write
  4. might
  5. right
  6. spy
  7. why
  8. kind
  9. blind
  10. child


Miss Brito’s Group

Sort 24

Write the beginning sounds of each word I tell you.  But you are welcome to try to spell the whole word.

  1. kitten
  2. kite
  3. kick
  4. whistle
  5. whale
  6. queen
  7. quiet
  8. twins
  9. twelve
  10. twenty

Prayer time:  Find a quiet place, turn off lights, and play the song “Blessed be Your Name”


11:00-12:00 Lunch and Break

 12:00-12:30 Quiet Time

You can rest, draw a picture, write in a journal, do a puzzle, or read quietly

12:30-1:00 Science

Materials Needed: Polar bear labeling sheet, Arctic Facts sheet

Watch the video below and then fill out the fact sheet.  You are welcome to use the EPIC video and books to help you with facts as well.  Then watch the polar bear video and write 1-3 facts about polar bears on your polar bear sheet.  Glue both in your notebook.  If you want, send me a video sharing a cool fact!

Polar Facts

Polar Bear

1:00 Snack, Storytime, and Break

It’s Humphrey Time!

1:30-2:00 Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross video


2:00-2:30- Virtual Field Trip


2:30-3:00 Fun Friday

Go outside, play games, bike ride, hike, paint, draw, put together puzzles (Easton how are you doing with your puzzles?) plant a seed… etc