January 12, 2018

First graders have been busy at work. In science, we began a new unit all about sound and light waves. Students compared the sound of glasses filled with different water levels and built rubber band guitars to listen for pitch and vibrations. Students also learned about imagery and began writing color poems. We also listened to stories of Martin Luther King, Jr. Students retold and illustrated Jesus lost in the temple and continued learning about adjectives and poetry.

100 Day Project: The 100th day of school is fast approaching. To celebrate, students are asked to collect 100 words from magazines, newspapers, etc. Students will record their words on the homework grid and then use them to design a poster. Words can be arranged in a word, picture, pattern, or design of your choosing. Posters should be no larger than 35” x 25”. Posters and word lists are due February 12th.

Field Trip Chaperones

Please let me know if you would like to chaperone (drive) at our next field trip on Friday, March 2nd to the Pacific Science Center. We will be attending the Polar Science Weekend stations there and watching an IMAX film on habitat.

 Questions to Ask

– Who was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? Why is he so important?

– What color was your poem about?

– How do we hear sound? Why does pitch change?


Special Notes

– Star Dolphin for the week of January 15th is Sophie

– No school on Monday, January 15th (Martin Luther King Jr. Day).

– January 29th– February 2nd is Catholic School week


I Can…

-read first grade words. RF1.3

-use adjectives. L.1.1

-use what I know about phonics to spell new words. L.1.2

-spell first grade words. L.1.2

-sort words into categories. L.1.5

-read and understand first grade fiction. RL.1.10

-read and understand first grade non-fiction. RI.1.10

-tell about the main ideas and details after I listen or read. SL.1.2

-follow rules for discussions, talk with others, and ask questions   during discussions. SL.1.1

-speak and write in complete sentences. SL.1.6

-revise and edit my writing. W.1.5

-plan and conduct investigations to provide evidence that vibrating materials can make sound and that sounds can make materials vibrate. 1-PS4-1