Sight Words

Sight words are words your child should be able to name without hesitation or sounding out  s/he knows the word by sight. Below are ways to help your child memorize sight words.

List of Words:  Fry Word List


  • Magic Flashlight – Stick word on cards around the room. Ask your child to find the word, or point to a word and say its name.Hide and Seek – hide flashcards around the room. Let your child find them and read them to you.
  • Beach Ball Catch – Tape words to a beach ball. Catch the ball then read the words your hands touch.
  • Hunt – Search for sight words on food packages, advertisements, magazines, signs, websites, worksheets or games.
  • Jenga- Read a word correctly and then you can take a block out and place on top.  Use the fry list for words.

Fry Words is the list of words that the first graders are using within the classroom:  100 by 1st Trimester, 200 by 2nd Trimester, 300 by 3rd Trimester.