February 23, 2018

What a short and productive week in first grade! We learned and drew the different levels of a pond, learned key terms in pond habitat, and drew pictures of plants and animals that live in the pond. We learned in depth Stations 1 and 2 as part of first grade religion. Today we attended the Stations of the Cross at church. This is a beautiful tradition of the church for Fridays of Lent.

Lent Rice Bowl: Rice bowls were sent home last week at the start of Lent. It is a faith-in-action program that helps families experience Lenten spirituality by living in solidarity with people in need around the world. One way to bring Lent to life in your home is to place your CRS Rice Bowl in a prominent place in your home and use it to collect your Lenten sacrifices. (For first graders, this may look like doing acts of kindness at home to earn collections for others in your Rice Bowl.) We will be collecting Rice Bowls at the end of Lent.

This week we heard of a story of hope from Iraq. Below is the link to the story; the page also has a simple Iraqi recipe for the week that your family is encouraged to try- Lablabi Soup.


A Story of Hope from Iraq


Field Trip Notes:

Thank you to the following parents who volunteered to drive: Mrs. Aguila, Mrs. McCormick, Mrs. Feeman, Mrs. Dacquisto, Mr. Turner, Mrs. Walley, Ms. Yee, and Mrs. Kane. I need a few more parents to help out! This is a cool field trip and it is easier if I can have 2 parents per group.

Attention Chaperones: Please make sure to complete the “Driver Information Sheet” that was sent home today in your child’s folder today. You will receive more detailed information about the field trip early next week. Thanks for volunteering!

All Parents:  Please pack a sack lunch in a disposable bag for the field trip. Please also send a disposable drink rather than a water bottle, as the chaperones will be in charge of carrying all the lunches. We will return to school around 2:00 to have snack. Please make sure to send a snack packed separate from the lunch for when we return. I will send out additional information for the volunteers next week!  If you haven’t already turned in your field trip permission slips, I need them by Monday, February 26!

Grandparents’ and Friends’ Day: Grandparents’ and Friends’ Day is Thursday, March 22nd. Lunch begins at 11:00 in Egan Hall. Cookies, coffee, tea, and water will be provided. Students are to provide a sack lunch for themselves and their special guest. Families are asked to RSVP and please limit guests to no more than 4 in consideration of others. Please tell your special guests that TEACHERS will walk students back to their classrooms after the luncheon. Do not escort your child back across the street! Teachers will take care of getting them safely back to class. Please let me know if your child does not have a family member or special friend coming so I can pair him/her up with a classmate.



Questions to Ask:

– What animal lives in a pond? What is one of the levels in a pond?

– Try different strategies to solve subtraction problems to 20.


Special Notes:

– Star Dolphin for the week of February 26 is Lily

– Field trip to the Pacific Science Center Friday, March 2

– 1st and 7th grades are hosting Stations of the Cross Soup Supper on Friday, March 2 at 7pm




I Can…

-read first grade words. RF1.3

-use adjectives. L.1.1

-use what I know about phonics to spell new words. L.1.2

-spell first grade words. L.1.2

-sort words into categories. L.1.5

-read and understand first grade fiction. RL.1.10

-read and understand first grade non-fiction. RI.1.10

-tell about the main ideas and details after I listen or read. SL.1.2

-follow rules for discussions, talk with others, and ask questions during discussions. SL.1.1

-speak and write in complete sentences. SL.1.6

-revise and edit my writing. W.1.5

-tell how many tens and how many ones are in a number. 1.NBT.2

-use manipulatives and pictures to help me solve problems within 100. 1.NBT.4

-find 10 more or 10 less in my head. 1.NBT.5